How Blockbuster Total Access Works

Seeing the achievements Netflix and up against their growing competition, Blockbuster rolled out their version of an online DVD rental program. It is called Blockbuster Total Access. Now it is very similar to the other online programs but has various other options not provided by their competitors.

Blockbuster Total Access starts with you joining. You have several different plans to choose from each having different alternatives. The high end plan offers unlimited DVD?s from the mail and 3 DVD?s at any given time for 34.99. The lower end Blockbuster Total Access plan is 3.99 a month and includes 2 DVD?s monthly. There are also many plans in between to help you discover the plan that works best for you.

After joining for Blockbuster Total Access you’ll want to begin with choosing movies you want to watch. You have to browse with the over 80,000 titles readily available for rent. You then select the ones you would like to see and they’re included with what is known your queue. You can have hundreds of movies in your queue or simply a couple of the choice can be you.

Next, the flicks within your queue will likely be mailed for you. How many at the same time is determined by your plan. You then can view the films or wait for a right time. The idea of this Blockbuster Total Access is not any late fees so that you do not have to return them by a specific date. You can just have them if you would really like.

The thing that produces Blockbuster Total Access diverse from their competitors may be the return process. With ซีรี่ย์จีน renting coming back envelope is sent to you personally with prepaid postage. You can use this to deliver back the movie that you just watched or go another route. You can just drop them off in a Blockbuster location towards you and they’re going to mail the movie to suit your needs or do an in-store exchange. Meaning, you are able to call at your local Blockbuster store and look for a movie off of their shelves and rent it. This will probably be considered an exchange for your movie you still have inside mail. It depends upon your Blockbuster Total Access plan the number of in-store exchanges you are allowed. The higher end Blockbuster Total Access plan permits unlimited in-store exchanges. If you do mail them back, Blockbuster Total Access will just give back the movie from the queue.

This program only has been with us since 2004 and Blockbuster has really focused on growing this section of their business. It is reported that Blockbuster Total Access had over 3 million subscribers from the beginning of 2007. This subscriber based will simply grow after a while as more of their frequent store renters transition to online DVD rental.